Friday 28 August 2009

About Me

Although this blog is new and I am sure I am the only one that has seen it yet, I figured I'd write a little 'about me' section so that future people may read it, if they become curious.

I am a University student, double-majoring in Fashion Design and Psychology, and if time permits, minoring in French, though that minor seems improbable unless I want to graduate when I'm 50, considering how much left I have to do in this last year of college.
A seemingly odd combination of studies - fashion design and psychology - but I will eventually find a way to combine all my knowledge into one powerful source of world domination. Or perhaps at least a really satisfying career amongst all the muggles.
What can I say, I love both. I love fashion, design, art, and everything that goes with it, but I am very passionate about and good at psychology as well, so I figured, why not do both?

Aside from being a student, I would consider myself a designer, writer, photographer, thinker, traveler, learner, and creator. These descriptors are to be interpreted loosely, as for example, I would consider the word 'creator' not only to mean that I create clothing, but also words, thoughts, and emotions. Similarly, 'designer' not only refers to designer of fashion and graphics, but also designer of artistic ideas and possibilities. This blog is meant to follow all the loose interpretations of the many passions in my life, and to [hopefully] share them with anyone looking to share and teach me as well.

This blog shall be my first manifesto.

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