Tuesday 23 February 2010

Central Saint Martins at Fashion Week

As I get closer and closer to finishing my first fashion collection as a Senior university student, I find it ever more interesting to note the work of other students across the globe in a similar position as my own. I could only hope to compare myself to the Seniors of the Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London, but really, there is little comparison. First major difference - location! They are in one of the fashion capitals of the world, while I, unfortunately, am not. I had the chance to live in one (Paris) recently, but now I'm back to my little and wonderful college town in California. Second - school type: They go to a school strictly for design. I go to a school where the small design program is facing serious cuts or even [regretfully] talk of closure due to a major economic struggles within the state. Sad, but true. They recently cut one of the most important fashion classes in our major, because there is just not enough money for it. Who said fashion students deserved this kind of treatment!? I'm sure CSM students don't have to worry about these things. Their worries concern Fashion Week. Lucky them. But, I'm not bitter, I swear! Because amidst all the troubles our program faces, our students come out with a tough skin and a preparation for the world of fashion in which we consciously decided to pursue a life in. So, with that, my fellow graduating Fashion Design students and I are working our asses off to create the best collection we could possibly create. A fashion show on campus and in San Francisco are fun, and great opportunities... but I just wonder... what would it be like to show at Fashion Week? A dream come true, for most of us... And these lucky CSM students know what that feels like.

All photos found at style.com


Kitty said...

Wow mad collection!

catalina said...

thanks for looking at my blog!

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