Wednesday 14 April 2010

Fashion Shows?

Fashion shows are a strange and crazy place.

On the eve of the eve of the eve (so, 2.5 days away) of my first big fashion show, the debut of my Senior Signature Collection, I am feeling quite odd. Every day until today was the most stressful day of my life, yet with such little time left, I think I physically cannot feel stress anymore... just numbness to it. I think I've reached my most serious work mode. All I can think is: Get. It. Done.
And it will be done, but every waking moment until then will be just a blur...

So, I say fashion shows, and fashion in general, are crazy and strange things because this insane amount of work and stress and bloody fingers (you should see mine! hand stitching is so fun) is completely voluntary. It seems quite twisted. But I suppose it will be worth it in the end to see something I've worked on for more than 6 months finally be finished and real. I look forward to that moment so fondly (yet fearfully right now, as I struggle to finish everything). Soon.... very soon.

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