Monday 27 September 2010


I just wanted to share some exciting news with my readers... this past Saturday, my friend and I completed our first Triathlon! After four months of intense training, our final goal was met - to successfully complete a triathlon. It was very intense, but lots of fun in an all-female environment. And now, I'm hooked! Sign me up for more!

If you'd like me to say why this relates to design... Well, it doesn't. At least not right away. But, as with most things, design is always present. From the design of the free t-shirts, to the design of the course, to the many designs of the clothing the triathletes were wearing, design is e v e r y w h e r e . Design is omnipresent. As a designer, design observer, design student, or anyone with a body and senses, this is something to know and understand. Never underestimate the power or relevance of design.

A triathlon is full of designers. From the girl wearing a tutu while riding her bike, to the Team V.A.G (Very Athletic Girls) shirts, to the Trek bikes, to the Nike shoes, to the all-sport "Tri Suits", the event swim caps, goggles, socks, even the PowerBars- designers made this all possible.

So, thank you design, for making my first triathlon experience such a wonderful, functional, and aesthetically pleasing experience. I look forward to seeing more designs at my next triathlon!

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