Tuesday 25 January 2011

Pretty Food, Pretty House

This weekend, I had a few small aesthetic surprises during my San Francisco outing. At a restaurant in the city called G Cube, I was introduced to Hot Pot... a delicious Asian meal where you cook your own food at the table in a pot of broth. It was AMAZING. And what I loved about this restaurant in particular was the presentation. While saying that design exists in nature is somewhat of a stretch, we can certainly say that nature can be used for design/aesthetic purposes, as in the display of my soon-to-be-eaten foods.

Another moment I had was while driving through a beautiful neighborhood in the city, my friend and I both gasped and yelled "oh my god!" at the same moment, after driving past the most interesting house either of us had seen in a LONG time. It was so impressive that I made a u-turn and went back, only to spend nearly 10 minutes trying to get a good shot with my phone and small point-and-shoot camera (whose signs of old age are really starting to show). The house was painted blue, with a red door, turquoise garage, and blue, pink, green and red lights shining in specific locations to create an amazing, colorful, geometric, quirky house, topped off with a neon glowing house number sign at the peak of the house. It was perfect, beautiful, and so unusual that I found it worth showing right here in my blog! I hope you enjoy these photos from my pretty weekend in SF!

 (the photo doesn't do it justice!)

Photos taken by me

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