Thursday 5 April 2012


I just returned from a very brief trip to Austin, Texas, and before I collapse into deep and satisfying slumber tonight, I wanted to share a few tidbits from my 24 hours in a really awesome city.

I had the opportunity to fly out to Austin for an interview, and with the remaining time before flying back home today, I was able to explore some recommendations and highlights of the city, all the while soaking in the amazing 90 degree weather on my sunless milky skin (I arrived back home to 48 degrees and 30mph winds - and I live in California. Not too thrilled about that one). I was thoroughly impressed and delighted by the quirky, artistic, and funky vibe in Austin and I am dying to go back... hopefully to live! I fell in love from the moment I arrived. The city reminded me of a Southwest version of Portland - and in fact, I most certainly saw this guy in real life a few times, which made me love the city even more. And the music presence is huge, even from the moment you get off of the plane, as you can see from the first photo of the baggage claim at the airport. The city is bursting with its own flavor of design and style and I felt very attracted to the aesthetics of the city and the people within.

All in all, Austin rocks (no pun intended) and here's a few reasons why:

My awesome and gorgeous hotel, The Driskill, located in prime downtown real estate, right by the trendy 6th street. Although apparently the hotel is haunted - I slept with one eye open, telling all the ghosts to get lost, and I guess it worked, because as far as I can tell, I'm still here, and I'm still haunt-free. Good thing, because ghosts are my biggest fear (yeah yeah, I know) and I don't know how I would have handled an interview after a midnight visit from Casper.

That is a steak fajita taco and a fried avocado taco. Aka heaven. Found here, at Torchy's:

This was a designer shoe store. How cool is that?? There was also another one of these right next to this where you could adopt puppies, so, needless to say, I nearly had a heart attack.

I saw tons of street food carts/trucks e v e r y w h e r e. I only wish I had enough stomachs to eat from all of them, because everything looked/smelled amazing. Thai food? Cupcakes? Ribs? Yes please.

Photos taken by me on my phone (sadly, I didn't bring my camera)

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