Sunday 13 May 2012

My Bad-Ass Mother

I realized this year that most mothers day cards are tailored to a mother I don't know: she loves pink, flowers, religion, and poetry. She drives a minivan, takes her kids to soccer, and she's delicate, proper, and always composed. Well, what kind of card do you give a mom who is nothing like that? Is there a card for a mom who doesn't go to church, has never baked me a cookie in my life, and would rather wear running shoes than stillettos? What about a card for the mom who takes you camping in the middle of the amazon jungle, scuba diving in Thailand, or fly fishing in Alaska? To a mom who is first in line for surfing, rapelling, zip-lining, white water rafting, snowboarding, wake-boarding, canopying, and who is planning a trip to Mt. Everest with her equally amazing sister? What kind of card exists for the moms who are professionals and leaders? To a mom who is not only an exceptional doctor but also the chief of her department and innovator in her field? What about the moms who refuse to stay at home, who would rather go play baseball with the boys, and who never had to sacrifice career or family because she had them both and it was because of having both that she kicked so much ass. What kind of card is made for the strongest, smartest, bravest, most adventurous, most independent and assertive woman, the one who never needs to talk about feminism but simply embodies it so fully and deeply? These cards don't exist because these women probably wouldn't want a card anyway. Those little cards can't be made for a women like my own bad-ass fireball of a mother. Happy mothers day, mom. You rock harder than anyone.



Sedona, AZ

Finishing her first half marathon

Watching her brother eat sh** on the zip line, Colombia

Scuba diving at night with manta rays in Hawaii

In Italy, early 1990's, looking so stylish and beautiful


With me at Machu Picchu, Peru, 2008

With my sister (upside down) and me at the beach as little kiddos

Rapelling down a waterfall in Colombia

Playing in the mud, Thailand

With her sister - Amazon Jungle in Brazil


Isn't she pretty??

Saint Lucia

My backyard


Pismo Beach

The whole family, at Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Jane said...

So basically your mom is the coolest? Such a nice post! I'm looking forward to meeting Mama Fries one day :)

Monica Santamaria-Fries said...

Caaaattttt! I made it to your blog. I say you will become a famous blogger and I am proud to havemmade the cut!

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