Sunday 30 August 2009

Dior Haute Couture

It would be crazy of me to consider myself a design student in Paris if I didn't take a moment to talk about one very important fashion designer of the country I am currently in - Christian Dior. Anyone and everyone has seen something made by the Dior fashion house, as the designers' vision has taken him to become one of the most recognizable names in fashion, so one might wonder why I would choose to talk about someone so fashionable and popular in a blog called "The Unfashionable." Well, to put it simply, Dior, like many other big names, was at one point, Unfashionable, and perhaps even still, in his own fashionable way.

Let me reiterate - Unfashionable doesnt mean un-fashionable!

So, Dior. A household name now, but a rebel in his own right in his early days. His voluptuous designs created quite a protest among women, claiming that the dresses were 'wildly extravagant', what with all the billowing fabric during an era where wastefulness was once looked down upon (sounds a lot like today, right??) So while conservative, traditional women criticized his work, others embraced it, and it was through this embrace that Christian Dior was eventually seen as a designer that truly revolutionized womens dress, eventually becoming one of the most valued designers of our modern era.
Sounds fabulously unfashionable to me.

So, a toast to Dior! Here are photos of some of the Christian Dior fashion house's haute couture collections of the recent past. It seems as though John Galliano, head designer of the Dior house, is fully capable of reincarnating the vision of Christian Dior from decades ago. Enjoy these beautiful designs!

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