Sunday 30 August 2009

Paris and Manish

So, for those of you who dont know, I am currently studying abroad in Paris until December. I arrived about a week ago, and so far, it has been amazing. I imagine that during my four months in this city, I will come across many interesting design/art related things to share with you all. Stay tuned to see what the City of Light has to offer.

Meanwhile, I will begin the blogging process by talking about one of my favorite fashion designers at the moment: Manish Arora.

He is 'unfashionable' at its best, in my opinion. He is an Indian designer who is clearly inspired by many of the native textile traditions in his country to create very vibrant, colorful, and eccentric designs to flaunt down the runway. I have found myself already inspired by him in some of my own fashion designs, though I could not pretend to emulate someone with such talent and vision - I am just a huge fan.

I hope you enjoy some of his art as much as I do.

This butterfly face girl is my favorite. ^^

This Carousel dress actually spins! What a shame that katy perry wore it for a pop concert. I would much rather see this on a runway, or in a museum, wouldnt you??

Anyway, I love his work, and I am excited to see what other tricks hes got in the bag. He Just seems to be able to take a concept (gladiators, circus performers, butterflies, etc) and transform it into a whimsical world of possibilities, all while still looking amazing, and quite different from the average pret-a-porter designs. True talent.

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