Tuesday 8 September 2009

1940s vs 2009

As you may know, I am currently studying in Paris, taking courses in Fashion History, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Marketing and Merchandising, Photography, and French. And for one of these fashion classes (marketing/merchandising) we were taken on a small excursion or field trip to a museum above a train station, which, I might mention, was quite an adventure to locate. The museum, le Musée Jean Moulin, was a museum about France during World War II, and the exhibit we were sent to was one about Fashion during the war era.

A few of the issues I found very interesting were first, that because of the lack of resources, people became extremely resourceful when it came to fashion; shoes were made out of wood instead of leather or rubber, hats were made out of paper, and since there was no material to make stockings, women resorted to painting their legs (with a painted seam as well!) to give the illusion of stockings. Another point that I noticed was how similar so many of the designs are to fashions of today - the shoes, above all, caught my eye because if it wasn’t for the glass cases holding them, I would assume they were brand new, sold at Nordstrom’s. I found it interesting to see such an explicit example of the ever-circulating styles in fashion, and how as designers, we are constantly drawing inspiration from the past, and making it new. Thus goes the idea behind "The Unfashionable" - to be a good designer, one cannot live in a bubble of current trends - the best designers find inspiration outside of what they see today to bring something fresh, and perhaps nostalgic to the fashion world.

Here are some photos of vintage clothing and shoes from the 1940's - hopefully you can see the resemblance in today's current styles as well.



Anonymous said...

ooooooOOoo thats so cool!! Im jealous you went therreeeee

Ok the first picture: necklace? shirt-chain? is really cool. I can totally see that at urban outfitters maybe cause it was. But definitely not as pretty as this one, wish I could go back in time..

Those converse-look-alikes are so sweet. Also reminds me of the 60s and 70s mens basketball - also a funky style.

I like this lil report from the museum, if I didn't read it here I don't know where I woulda heard about it :)

Anonymous said...

You can take this further by finding similar looking styles in stores today and posting them as a comparison..thats a cool idea for an article or somesing.

catalina said...

yes, the first chain object reminded me of something at urban outfitters. i even wrote something about urban on this post, but deleted it for some reason. but you read my mind!

and you also read my mind about the comparison thing - i thought about doing that for this post, but i will save that for another time. maybe my next post??

sasha said...

my favorite brand in shoes is Doc Martens Boots. what is yours can you share?

catalina said...

Thank you for reading my blog!

I too like Dr Martens shoes, though I'm not sure if I can state one brand that is my ultimate favorite. Maybe Frye. For now, that is.

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