Sunday 6 September 2009

Tekla Knaust

I recently came across an online photo spread called "Döppelganger" featured in the magazine 'GRAVURE'; this fashion spread featured some refreshing and intriguing styling designs by stylist Tekla Knaust of New Blood Agency. The Stockholm native features an aesthetic that incorporates the beauty of the human body juxtaposed by the bold styles of the fashions she selects for each shoot. Without being vulgar, Knaust chooses to leave many of the models nude or semi-nude as a sort-of artistic expression of the human body, while emphasizing the beauty of the clothing as well. Her taste in style seems edgy and experimental mixed with femininity, androgyny, and masculinity. Knaust's styling work is original and inventive - you don’t see spreads like these every day.
Featured here are photos from the Döppelganger shoot, as well as other photos of her body of work. If you like Tekla Knaust, check out her blog too - it’s quite interesting to follow the life of an amazing stylist.

*Click on the pictures to get a full view*

Tekla Knaust's Blog:

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Anonymous said...

This is sexy. I like the black and white pics more than the colored one. And the SHOES are so awesome, I'd wear those naked anyday....

OH and I really like that leather jacket! Ive been trying to find a good one, any suggestions?

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