Wednesday 21 October 2009

Fashion student in Paris > Fashion student anywhere else

I am slowly starting to realize the magnitude of my situation - how many fashion students can say that for class, they walked down Rue St. Honoré in Paris to look and learn about the history of Fashion in the world? Well, for a few lucky students (including me), that was what we called 'class' today.

Also, for this same class, last week's class consisted of going to the Musée des Arts Decoratifs to see the Madeline Vionnet exhibit. I managed to take one blurry picture before my professor said, "That is the first, and last picture you will be able to take in this exhibit, Darling."

Here are some photos of my class time in Paris.

Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Alexander Wang and more featured in the window display of Joseph

The super-fancy interior of the LV store

I died today.

My other serious relationship is with shoes. omg. shoes.
I am a design polygamist.

Coco Chanel's favorite chocolate

The original Chanel location

Those famous stairs

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