Wednesday 18 November 2009

Vivian Maier

Thanks to my History of Modern Design professor, I have come across a wonderful undiscovered photographer that has just blown my mind. The work of Vivian Maier remained almost entirely unknown and unseen until recently when her negatives were found at an auction by John Maloof - he has now dedicated much of his time to printing these beautiful photos and exposing her work for the world to see. Vivian Maier was originally from France, but she lived and worked in Chicago as a nanny, while simultaneously observing the world around her through her camera. Her photos are beautiful and honest, showing the small, tender moments of a day in Chicago. She found moments and made them something worthy of looking at, which is partially what makes her work so great.

She lived from 1926-2009.

If you'd like to see her photos, please check out John Maloof's blog dedicated to Vivian Maier. He is constantly posting new photos, so be sure to become a follower (if you like her work) and check back often to see new pictures.

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