Saturday 28 November 2009

Lady Gaga and I are in a Bad Romance

Ah yes… Lady Gaga: an interesting specimen of today’s pop culture in the realms of both music and fashion. Now, I must say, my relationship with Lady Gaga is extremely dysfunctional – on the one hand, I want to hate her, but, inevitably, I find myself always watching her videos and listening to her songs, as a very guilty pleasure. And I have a feeling many people feel this same way (but correct me if I’m wrong!)
Now, I don’t hope to write a long analysis of Lady Gaga, because I wouldn’t really know what to say. She’s famous, and “scandalous” and people lover her and hate her for it. The end.
But I do want to point out her most recent music video for her song ‘Bad Romance,’ because, well, I like it.

I believe this may be the first time since fashion week that the amazing Alexander McQueen shoes have been featured on someone and who else would you expect to be the first to wear them? I posted a little while ago about this collection, so you can see them on the runway (if you scroll down a little) and then again in this video. Also, I believe she is wearing a Nagi Noda hairpiece (which I also blogged about a while ago) in the video, but it is hard to tell because the shot doesn’t show the whole piece. Either way, I post this simply to share my excitement about seeing these designs I had written about featured in this new video.

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