Thursday 14 October 2010

70th post goes to Ann D.

Oh man... Where do I begin? Ann Demeulemeester is the queen of all things. She does androgyny, femininity, black and white, boots/shoes, jackets, shapes, feminism, goth, minimalism and avant-garde better than anyone I know of. Her pieces are always stunning, aggressive, sharp, crisp, and speak loud and clear. This season's collection was no different. From top to bottom, she thinks about every detail. The models' hair was sleek and pulled back, their makeup was minimal, except for exaggerated black eyebrows which added to her androgynous aesthetic. Some models wore a metal wire mask on their faces, but most did not. Her jackets were tailored exquisitely, while still maintaining a draped, organic feeling amongst the stiff panels, collars and intricate closures. The bottoms varied from leather miniskirts to cropped pants to an incredible skirt/pant design which was half miniskirt, half leg-covering-pant-like long skirt extension, almost like a sideways leather train on half of a miniskirt. She experimented with different structures and shapes, with interesting stitching details on the leather, with stiff collars, asymmetrical, unexplainable garments, and with her notorious corset-like belt closures around the chest. As for shoes, she had simple sleek mid-calf narrow boots, open toed version of the same shoe, and a half-boot half-sandal shoe concoction which absolutely rocked my world. This collection was perfect, from start to finish. Every piece represented the entire collection entirely, yet the entire collection would be nothing without the sum of its parts. Genius, in my opinion. But I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

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