Wednesday 16 September 2009

A little glimpse

This post is just a little glimpse into the past day or two in my life here in Paris, as far as art/design goes.

Yesterday, for my Fashion Illustration class, we were taken to draw a nude model, which was really an awesome experience. We sat there and drew various poses for about three hours, and I think it helped me start to learn about figure drawing and human bodies, which is definitely important for fashion illustration.

I had two assignments to do at the Louvre, so I did them both this morning. One was sort of a “hunt” for various portraits for my history of fashion class and describe what these people were wearing and how it was significant during that time. The other assignment was again for my fashion illustration class, and we had to draw the Venus de Milo. Talk about pressure. But I think I managed, though trying to draw with crowds of people in front of you isn’t exactly ideal, but after about two hours of drawing, I came out with three decent angles drawn for class.

Learning about design and art in Paris has been such a treat. This experience will go with me for a long, long time. I love it here.

This was the room where we drew our nude model.

Isn't she beautiful?

My very humble attempt at capturing this masterpiece on paper.

Moi, inside the Louvre pyramid. Ps... these pyramids may come up in a future post ;). Theyre amazing.

A window display that caught my eye. Mainly the chandelier.

Loved this girls jacket.

Le Centre Georges Pompidou, as seen from a small side street.

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