Saturday 19 September 2009

People-Watching in Paris

Today I spent my day paroosing around the very fashionable Marais area of Paris with one of my friends and of course we saw some incredibly stylish Parisians along the way. Unfortunately, my camera wasn’t out the entire time, so I couldn’t catch all the great fashionistas we came across, but here are just a few I did manage to catch.

Early today, we went to a design expo called TMode on Rue Vielle du Temple, which was pretty interesting – many small designers had the chance to showcase and sell their work, which I am sure would be pretty exciting as a startup business. Afterwards, we went window shopping around that area which has some amazing boutiques which are completely unaffordable – but oh how I wish! I spent the day drooling, basically. My favorite was the Manoush boutique. Everything in there was so beautiful, strange, and completely Unfashionable. And at the end of our lovely day, we ate cupcakes at the most delicious-looking cupcake store you might ever find.

Today was a great day for fashion, people watching, and delicious food. Ahh, Paris! Its no wonder this has always been the fashion capital of the world – even from the days of Versailles and before, fashion exists because of this city and these people. Its really quite remarkable.

Design Expo

A very stylish/beautiful Parisian couple

Zadig & Voltaire window display

How much are those booties in the window?

Manoush! <3

A stylish woman avec stroller

so parisian

Cute stylish mom with cute stylish daughter

Loved this girls outfit

Rose cupcake

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Anonymous said...

I love people watching. I like how you took shots of people in a kind of voyeuristic way.

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